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Summary: files


Summary: files

Well, I got a lot of various replies to this one, some conflicting. I will
paste them below.

I still haven't got it to work quite like I want, but here is what worked
best for me so far.

1. Search for* on the local machine and delete or quarantine
all of them. Make sure the start-up script isn't copying down a
on start-up.
2. Open Pro/E and configure the icons as desired in model, don't save
yet. Do the same in Assembly, don't save yet. Do the same in drawing,
don't save yet. Configure any other modules you want. Once the window is
configured for all modules you desire, save the to a known
location. That way there is only one file.
3. I moved this file to a location on the network and included a
command in the start-up script to copy it from that location to the start-up
directory. That's about it.


1. On my machine, all the icons were there when I opened Pro/E, but the
software took it upon itself to rearrange the toolbars to some other
(probably the default) configuration.
2. On other users machines, a few of the icons are missing, but it is
consistent from one machine to the next.

The hierarchy of the files is pretty clear. I believe that you need all of
the appended files, but I'm not 100% sure. They are really unpredictable

Erik Olsen

DJH Engineering Center

Salt Lake City, Utah

Yes, good point. I think if you unselect the check box to automatically
save, you can come in and out of the customize screen dialog and your
changes should stay as long as you don't close the Pro/E window. Then when
you're finally done, you select File, Save from the customize screen dialog.

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