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Summary: Wildfire 2.0 on Windows NT


Summary: Wildfire 2.0 on Windows NT

Well, it doesn't look encouraging. It looks like we'll have to upgrade
the OS to get WF 2 running.

There were a few others that had recently asked the same question. I
searched the archives before posting but didn't find anything. I guess
I'll have to sharpen my searching skills : )

Thanks to all who responded!


1. There are multiple kernel problems with NT that you could spend days
sorting through.
You should be able to do a simple "upgrade" to Win2000pro in less than
twenty minutes.
(less time than deleting all the out of office replies)

2. Steve, that's funny. I just asked the same question Tuesday on the
board and I was going to ask on another board. I only got 2 responses:

1. The first one just said it won't run.

2. Steve; stick to the system requirements, graphics card, IE, & service
pack build, you'll run into problems!!! NT 4, is not supported....

Would you let me know if you get any response please?

3. I just asked this a couple weeks ago and got a resounding NO response.
Had the same error. I upgraded to XP.

4. I've found that there is no way around this one. Sorry -

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[sysmgt] Wildfire 2.0 on Windows NT

Good morning,

I realize that Wildfire 2.0 is not supported on NT 4 but has anyone been
successful in getting it to work? I have a remote client on NT that needs
to run WF 2. I really don't want to upgrade the OS at this time if I can
avoid it.

I get the following message when trying to launch WF 2 on NT:

"The procedure entry point GetLongNamePathA could not be located in the
dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll"

Any ideas??



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