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Summary: mmatl.lib file location


Summary: mmatl.lib file location

Thank you for all of the responses,

Unfortunately, it looks like for Pro/MECHANICA the materials file can only
be placed in one of three locations, not a specified location with

Material Library
The material library is a convenient way to use the same material in more
than one model. When you install Mechanica, the material library consists
of a set of standard materials known as the default material library.
If you do not find the material you want in the default material library,
you can create your own material and add it to the library. When you save
a material to the library, Mechanica creates a library file named
mmatl.lib in your working directory. This new file contains all the
materials in the Materials in Library list?both the Mechanica default
materials and any materials you added. There is no limit to the number of
materials you can have in your material library.
You can edit any material in the library, whether the material is part of
Mechanica's default material set or you created the material yourself.
However, you cannot delete materials from the material library. Thus, if
you create a new material and save it to the library, it will always be
When you access the material library, Mechanica looks for the mmatl.lib
file in the following directories in this order:
1. the directory from which you started Mechanica (working directory)
2. your home directory
3. the lib subdirectory of the directory in which Mechanica was
You can move or copy the mmatl.lib file into any of these three

The pro_materials_dir pointer in the only works for Pro/E not
Mechanica. So, although they can both share the same file, we are limited
as to where we can place it. It seems that the only place that will work
for us is in C:\Program Files\proeWildfire2\mechWildfire 2.0\i486_nt\lib
and then use a batch file to make sure that everyone is getting updated.
We also do this with our file. Not the best solution, but it
will work.

Bob Frindt

Parker Hannifin Corporation
Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division

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