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Summary - "Mechanica Motion Engine Not Started"


Summary - "Mechanica Motion Engine Not Started"

Thanks to everyone for all the quick replies. I was able to persuade our
IT department to let me load Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 on the PC in
question and the Mechanica Motion software is now running fine. I had to
set the required system paths a little differently than PTC's tech support
notes indicated (install folders were a tad different under the install
directory compared to PTC's notes) but our guy is running now.

I'm looking more into the Mechanism Design / Mechanism Dynamics module as
an approach for these types of solutions. Many of you indicated that PTC
was working away from Mechanica Motion in favor of the Mechanism modules.
Since we have the licensing for these modules it makes sense to go that

Thanks again!

Erik Gifford
G.W. Lisk Co., Inc.

Our primary Mechanica user is trying to run a Mechanica Motion problem for
the first time since he was switched over from Unix to Windows. When
launching the analysis, he gets the error message "Compilation Failed.
Additional information may be available from outside of Mechanica Motion
by examining the engine's log file. Exit Mechanica Motion and then type

clearing that with the OK button brings up

Failed while generating or compiling equations of motion for
'motion_impact'. This may be a system or installation problem.

running the referenced 'mmwatch' at a DOS prompt brings back "Mechanica
Motion Engine Not Started".

The user indicates that back on Unix they were required to install a
separate C-compiler for Motion to work. Is this the case with the windows
version as well? Do I have to download and install something? Any idea if
maybe it is something else like a config setting in mechanica? I know
it's not a licensing issue.

ProE & Mechanica Wildfire 2.0 M050

Dell Precision 340 workstations, Windows 2000 sp4, 1024MB RAM, ~2GHz CPU

Thanks for any help & suggestions.


Erik Gifford
G.W. Lisk Co., Inc.