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Wildfire 2 - instance verification


Wildfire 2 - instance verification

We just made the switch to from ProE 2001 ProE Wildfire 2.0. We're
running cut M050 and Intralink 3.3 M022. Other than a few broken user
mapkeys, the only real complaint has been Wildfire's need to verify all
the instances of a family table at every save. I thought this was only
necessary the first time a part created in Pre-Wildfire releases was
brought into a Wildfire release. However, it is asking to verify every
time a family table part is saved and if all instances are not checked
out, it seems to be checking them out in the background in order to
verify. I can understand the benefits of verification, but I think this
may be a little bit of overkill. After doing some reading through the
exploder, it would seem that one or more of the following config option
settings might solve the problem.

verify_on_save_by_default yes
bump_revnum_on_retr_regen no
save_objects changed

Of those who have run into this, what was your experience? Which setting
will alleviate the problem without introducing a new one?


Erik Gifford
G.W. Lisk Co., Inc.

RE: Wildfire 2 - instance verification

We are not in WF 2.0, but is it really true that you MUST verify instances at every save? In WF 1.0, it complains about unverified instances, but it still SAVES the parts, verified or not.

Also for "legacy" (pre wildfire) objects, it is only required to verify before checkin, it is NOT required to verify before saving (still Pro/E complains about it, but the offending window is easily dismissed)

Could someone clarify Pro/E's WF 2.0 behavior for us?

CAD Admin
Midmark Corp.