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Windows 2GB switch


Windows 2GB switch


Google is your friend........


Windows 2GB switch

Careful...we have Dell 490's with NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600 video cards, on
dual monitors and 32 bit OS. The 3gb switch has been a challenge.

Given the default setup we turned the 3 gb switch on and immediately our
graphics became jumpy and slow. We experimented with various video
drivers until we found one that works most of the time. Often the
system will need to be rebooted 3 or 4 times to make the video work
properly. Although other 490's will not work at all with the 3gb switch

We are currently using ForceWare driver 162.55.

Jeff <><

Windows 2GB switch


WE have successfully used the 3Gb switch in the past, on most of our
machines it is added as a dual boot option so people can boot up without
the switch enabled (don't ask for th tech deatils something IT setup)

More recently we have exhausted the capability and moved to XP 64. I
would advise test all your apps because some older bits of software
don't work if they use DAO (database access). Some setup programs don't
work but most 32 and 64 bit software installs without problems.

Pro/e runs really well under XP 64. A large number of existing pCs can
be upgraded toXP 64 bit eg Xeons with em64T.

Ian Turner
CAD Manager

Flight Refuelling Ltd

Windows 2GB switch


To get past that navigate to the application, right mouse button,
Properties, Compatibility, select "Run this program in compatibility
mode for:' then Windows 2000.