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license for WF4 pre-production


license for WF4 pre-production

Hi all,

Does anyone know if:

1) I install WF4 PP (C000), do I need to obtain a new license file?

2) I need and obtain a new license file for WF4 C000, will I need another
new license file for "M000" or the released version?


Nathan Rollins
BearsFeat, Inc.


license for WF4 pre-production

Yes, you need an new license to run WF4, Im not sure about the M000
version though.


Pro/E conversion to JT format

Does anyone on-line have any experience with software products for
producing .JT format files for Pro/E parts and assemblies? I loaded up
Pro/E Wildfire 4 C010, intent on checking out the new .JT interface,
using our Flex3C licenses, and have run into a licensing issue. A
related call to Tech Support is shown below. My PTC sales rep isn't
familiar with the product and is researching the matter. I imagine the
other possibility is to acquire a Siemens/UGS Team Center Visualization
interface for Pro/E. Anyone worked with that?

All assistance is greatly appreciated!

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control
5600 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32819-8907

RE: Pro/E conversion to JT format

To All,

The new Interface for JT isavailable and in Wildfire 4.0 Pre-Production (C010)for evaluation only.Itis licensed and there is a special, evaluation-only part number (CPT-3303-LX) for pre-production use.See your PTC Sales Rep whoshould initiate a Product Schedule for those that wish to evalthe interface.PTC Application Engineers will find that the license (INTF_for_JT) is contained in the latest version of the PTC REP license pack.The Interface for JT is not installed by default. Adminiistrators must install it using PTCSetup. It may be installed when Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 is installed or may be installed afterwards (look under the Interfaces Option)..

The Interface for JT will allow users to import JT parts and assemblies into Pro/ENGINEER or export Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies to JT format files. Either facet represesentation or exact representation can be selected for import or export and body color is supported.
Interface for JTwill be released as a product with Production Wildfire 4.0 (F000).Let me know if you have further questions.Asa Trainer