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[solutions] - Running ProE/Wildfire 3.0


[solutions] - Running ProE/Wildfire 3.0

Mr. O'Rourke -

As Antonio mentioned, this is very possible. You might try sending your
question to the System Administration TC or the Core Modeling TC as they
deal with Pro/E related questions and how to interface Pro/E with the
data management tools. There are some real experts on those lists that
can not only explain how to do this, but can probably provide you with
some documentation on how to administer & maintain these types of
installs once they are in place.

John Deere currently runs Pro/ENGINEER in a network environment for all
users - and uses PDMLink as well. Running Pro/E in this networked
methodology has no impact to the users or detriment to performance of
either tool. You do need to setup a couple environment variables to set
the location of the user workspaces to be on the local machine. Do a
quick search on PTC to find a complete description. The two environment
variables you need to look for are PTC_WF_ROOT and PTC_WF_CACHE.

Here are a few of quick tips for you: (borrowed from Frank Menendez at
Alcon Research, one of those really smart guys I was telling you
about... I refer to his presentation from the PTC/USER conference last
year quite frequently - his is a wealth of practical knowledge)

- PDMLink local cache is located in the user profile (<user<br/>profile>\Application Data\PTC\ProENGINEER\Wildfire\.wf)
- User is the account logged into PC
- Use PTC_WF_ROOT environment variable to specify different location
- You can specify a different "spillover" cache location if needed (-Use
the PTC_WF_CACHE environment variable)
- Corrupted local cache must be deleted (.wf folder) (Refer to TPI #:

Kindest regards,

> Paul J. Crane, PMP
PTC/USER System Administration Technical Committee Chairperson
IT Project Manager, Manufacturing and Engineering Systems
John Deere Construction & Forestry Division
Davenport Works, Building 1, Dept. DW083
1175 E. 90th St.
P.O. Box 4198
Davenport, IA 52808