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1-Newbie loadpoint...

So fast... Thanks to all!

Here was the line that solved it for me:

first I would find the working directory and try them there. Go to file
open and find the icon for working directory, that'll tell you where it is.

The other ideas (that were new to me) included:

second, you might try in the loadpoint/bin directory. That is probably
where the company std one is and it might be replaced with every startup of

if they have a config.sup that has any mapkeys in it, you can't define
mapkeys at all, but surely (shirley) they wouldn't be that lame.

You might be able to look at Tools / Options that would maybe give you a
clue on how the folders are set up and possible where you could drop it.

Pro reads configs from the installation (AKA loadpoint) text subdirectory
first, then your home directory, and then your launch directory (i.e., the
directory Pro/E was launched from).

To discover these, do Window - Open System Window from ProE.

In the DOS window that opens, the current directory is your working
directory. Type cd to see what this directory is. If you haven't changed
your working directory since launching Pro, then this is also your launch

While still in the DOS window, type set HOME, and look at the output for
HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH. Combine the two to get your home directory.

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