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Navigate task "View where used"

Navigate task "View where used"

It would be really usefull to add a task to the "Part tasks collection" showing where the part is used, with the same display as the "View Part Structure" but with the content of Windchill's "Where used" table :


Navigate where used.pngWhere used.PNG

This is the first question my collegues asked me when introducing this new software.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

This has also been requested by other customers. It is in the Navigate backlog but has not yet been scheduled to a specific release.


Can you help us with more insights on the use case by providing information such as:

Who (which roles) would use this feature?

Why (in what context) do they need this feature?

In the absence of this feature, how else would the user achieve this?

What is the value to the end user (saving time, reduced scrap/rework, improved first time yield, improved quality...)?


I know that the feature already exists in Windchill but understanding the above helps to understand the value of exposing this information in a Navigate App.



Graham Birch

Product Manager: ThingWorx Navigate


It would be usefull for people in the workshop, when they receive a shipment whith a lot of parts they have to gues in which product and which sub-assembly is going each one, it can be difficult sometimes. It can also be usefull for the supply chain.


At this time they call the designers when they have a doubt, or they open all the sub-assemblies waiting for parts at the factory to find which one requires the one they just received. So it will save a lot of time mostly.


Thanks for your consideration.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived


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