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Display Vuforia+Hololens experience on projector/TV screen


Display Vuforia+Hololens experience on projector/TV screen

Hello all,

In this PTC video (fast forward to 4:15) the presenter is displaying her experience on a TV screen by using a second Hololens. Can someone guide me on how that is being done? 


Hololens live stream doesn't work with Vuforia app, since it's using camera and tracking. 


I"m not sure how it's being done in this example, but I don't think the second HoloLens is viewing the presenter's copy of the experience.   It looks like the second HoloLens is viewing it's own copy of the experience and that is being shown on the screen, although I don't know how the selections are being done.


But if you just have a single HoloLens and you want to show the view that the user is seeing on a screen there's multiple ways to do this.

  1. Use the HoloLens App on a Windows 10 PC and connect it up to your HoloLens:
  2.  Connect to the HoloLens via the device portal and show the view that way:

Some of this information is reference in the Studio Help pages about HoloLens:


I regularly show the HoloLens view on my laptop screen by using the HoloLens App.  Then my laptop is connected to a project or big screen and everyone can see what I'm seeing.  It works pretty well, but there's usually a bit of lag.  It's always better to view the experience through the HoloLens as it will be in stereo 3D, so if I've got a smallish group, I'll show them how the experience works as I run through it and then they can put the HoloLens on and run through it themselves.


Some tips:

  • Don't start the screen sharing until you've got the experience loaded.  If you are sharing the screen when being asked to scan the ThingMark, it will prevent the scanning from working.
  • I think the screen sharing prevents model tracking from working.  I haven't tested this is the latest version.
  • If someone else is using the HoloLens to view the experience, turn off the screen sharing as it slows down the HoloLens and makes movement in the experience slower and more jittery.
  • Use the voice command to start the sharing:

So here I want only to show some picuture to the mention above:


So above is shown how it works when we connect the browser to the HoloLens Device

Another way is to use in Windwos 10 App Store to downlaod the App "Microsoft Hololens". In this case it is more easy to handle the video record


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