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Why did Qualcomm sell Vuforia out to PTC??


Why did Qualcomm sell Vuforia out to PTC??

Hi, everyone.


I've just read an article about Qualcomm selling vuforia which is AR Engine to PTC.


So Where can I get information about vuforia or AR related sources? and, When will PTC start to full-support about Vuforia and its development?


(I've already contacted local branch of PTC, but unfortunately they even didn't know about selling procedure was completed already on 3rd Nov, their support even didnt know about what Vuforia stands for!! was very embarrassing.)


Also, is there any further announced plan or information of what  PTC is going to do with Vuforia?


Sure, I've already noticed PTC have plans about IOT related total solution system that includes various recognition technology of Vuforia, but what else?


I even couldn't understand why Qualcomm had to sell out total Vuforia business (great developers, SDK etc,,,) on the first place which is very promising business.

I still think the peak of AR (and VR) will come soon as various wearable devices are being very well-known and getting more popularized among the general consumers.


This news very surprised me and also very worries me as well.

Will be there any problems or differences this selling might bring on the entire AR industry?


thanks for reading, I would love to know your opinion.


23-Emerald II

I have never heard of Vuforia.

I would not expect your local PTC or especially tech support to know anything about it. Tech support is specific to CREO or WINDCHILL or other integrated product. I suspect a new addition to the product line of PTC would be slowly integrated from their existing tech support and structure to PTC Tech support, but not necessarily the same tech support since it is really a completely different thing.

This looks like it's more associated to Thingworx (IoT) instead of CAD anyway.  So did you intend to post this in the CREO forum or is it misplaced?

This is one of the articles about the acquisition

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