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Ability to access control WVS job monitor (all jobs) for standard users

Ability to access control WVS job monitor (all jobs) for standard users

Standard users would not have the ability to delete, resubmit, etc for "all jobs" but only have the ability to see all jobs in the queue.

This feature would allow one to know how many jobs are in front of their submission.


WVS monitor.JPG


It seems to me that there are obvious security issues with all users being able to see all jobs from all product contexts in the the publish queue and so I doubt the Windchill Security model will ever allow this to happen.

Also, it is already possible to determine the position of your job in the queue (even if you can't see other user's jobs) as you can see your own job's numbered position in the column data for your job details that is visible to you.


Stephen King ,

Great idea.  Thanks for logging this.

Gary Mansell‌‌ & Donny Woellauer‌‌,

May I persuade you to reconsider your vote with the following conditions:

  • Steve already mentioned that the standard user would only have 'read only" permission on this page.
  • This can be a preference that is defaulted to NO ... aka continue with the existing functionality.

The reason I mention a preference is because PTC already has done something similar to this with the "Process Manager".  When an admin opens Process Manager, there are many useful tools that are enabled on the toolbar.  When a standard user opens Process Manager, those tools are disabled.  But they still have a full view of the process.

I voted up this idea because we constantly have users asking about their publish job.  They are able to see that their entry is #5, for example ... but they have no visibility to the executing jobs(s).  Has the executing job been executing for 10+ minutes?  (In that case they can notify admin.  Perhaps there is a problem.)  Or has the executing job(s) only been processing for 1 minute?  (In that case, just be patient.)

Enabling users to see the full picture is definitely a UI improvement for the end user.


Just a random thought. Maybe we need to go more modern with this, give the user only the information they need to see.

Now, I post this a bit tongue in cheek. Domino's has a pending patent anyways, but depends on the scope of the patent.

Though, the idea is the same. A simple interface to understand "when will my viewable will be ready."

Post the number in line, maybe an estimated job completion time based on previous rates, etc. Rather than looking at cryptic log files to figure out what's going on with the job, maybe just a simple indicator/status. Highlight if something fails and common reasons why.


Sometimes it's helpful as an admin to know, where did it fail. We had some not being passed back to Windchill only to find out Creo was crashing on PDF creation. The viewables were there but not being sent back. That took investigating manually when it could have been displayed somewhere.



A typical scenario is you have a package of items going through a work group approval, so you check in your stuff and fire off the approval via Windchill workflow.  Your boss gets the task to review and goes out to look at the viewables and they are not there yet...  Since the publishing that was kicked off is not his job, he can't have visibility into what is happening.  He should be able to take a quick look and check to see if what he is to review in is in the queue or to check and see if it failed, behind something huge or just still churning.

Also, what do you thing of Ben and Steven's input below?

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Just to add to this discussion.  The submitter only sees their queue number if they select the "create representation" from Creo View.  However, if the user simply checks in the file and allows the CAD Workers to publish for them they have no insight to where their document is within the queue without resubmitting in via the "create representation" option.  This places it within the "express lane" and if done often enough starts to clog that queue with Unnecessary publish request.  Standard users should be able to see the queues and if they don't have access to the context it should just read "Secured Information" and not allow access.  That's already done in other Windchill security areas.