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Ability to group Alerts or Report on a subtable

Ability to group Alerts or Report on a subtable

When a subtable is placed on a form and Alerts are set up to notify of matching criteria, it would be beneficial to be able to group the Alerts rather than have numerous emails disseminated if they are all to go to the same person.

For example, I have an Actions table on a FRACAS form whereby tasks can be allocated to a team member.  Fields include:

Action ID


Assigned To

Due Date



Date Completed

A task is entered whereby an ID is assigned.  The description is entered, an Assigned To name is selected, a status of Assigned is selected and an email is generated to notify the Assignee of the task.

An Alert has also been setup to notify of delinquent actions, based on the following criteria:

Alert type = Date Notice (Due)

Date field name = Due Date

Days to notify = 1

Alert criteria is Completed (Actions) is equal to False

The Alert runs daily and emails the staff member (who had been assigned the Action) that he/she has a delinquent action.

If a single person has been assigned multiple actions, and several or all are oustanding, this results in numerous emails to a single recipient.

It would be most helpful if we could group Alert emails to a single recipient if that name appears more than once in the table.

Also, being able to construct a report based on fields setup in the subtable would be most beneficial also.


Bernadette, you should vote up your own idea!

And because you forgot it, please vote for that one too:

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Thanks for the tip Domenic, I didn't even realise you could vote, clearly I didn't pay too much attention to the page when I posted the idea.




i totally agree with your idea.

would you please check if my related idea ( should be interesting as well?

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