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Ability to link Document to CAD Document

Ability to link Document to CAD Document

Majority of the users in Windchill are using CAD as the Primary Content Holder. The concept of Part is limited to users who are managing the Product Build Information.

We require a way to extend the OOTB Described By Link and Reference Link relationship to work directly between CAD (EPM Documents) and Documents (WT Documents) to enable our CAD users to manage associated documentation without creating a Windchill Part.

This requirement is also critical towards sharing and managing supplier information, tolerance analysis based on 2D Drawings, Tooling and FAI analysis and other associated content that is directly dependent on design information.




I'd say make it EPM Document so it extends to Dynamic Documents (Arbortext XML) as well



I am sorry but I must disagree with this idea. This is trying to replicate what already exist.

WTpart objects have been created for a purpose.

If you have such functionality in EPMDocument, it will results in a big mess between WTpart and EPMDocument and you'll end up using EPMDocument as WTpart, duplicate information, defining where and when use the EPMDoc link or WTpart etc...

I personally recommend to make the most of Windchill and therefore learn how to use the WTpart.

I will conclude with this example.

Imagine an american who goes and live in the UK, He buys a car but the steering wheel is on the right hand side. He says, nice they have steering wheel in the UK in their car but I need it on the left hand side as this is how I drive and ask the vendor/manufaturer to add a new steering wheel in the car.

I am sorry, but this is how I see your idea. I therefore voted down and hope PTC will not waste time with it. They have much bigger problems to solve.

Users have to learn to use the tool and how it was designed to be used.

Best regards



Quite agree with Chris. Should use WTpart

Even if I understand the need cause lot of customers are stilll in "Intralink" mode with no Integration to Enterprise BOMs

But this need can be handle OOTB by configuration.... using Configurable links



Hello Chris

You have raised an important point that is applicable if Windchill is used as a PLM.

In consumer electronics, major companies are adopting Windchill and similar solutions as PDM systems (To manage and release design information) as manufacturing is neither managed nor controlled in house.

If Windchill is used as a PDM and is essential to manage Multi-CAD; the entire concept of Part or a Physical representation of design happens after Concept or major business process around NPI is complete. This is again determined in most cases by the Contract Manufacturer.

In this scenario, you are suggesting that a mechanical or an electrical designer should be aware of another entity in the system(most likely with the same name) that is basically meant to associate derived data information when the designer's biggest exposure to Windchill is basically through Creo or Solidworks or NX.

Secondly, in the world of consumer electronics the design is never supposed to be shared and only the derived information(Step/PDF/Netlist/IDF/IDX/Gerber) information is shared with suppliers, in this scenario, since majority of the derived information is stored as attachments, designer should actually download the data and then share it with suppliers by uploading it to a document that needs to be connected to a part. It basically indicates system limitation driving business decisions that in my point of view is extremely limiting in thought and approach.

Thirdly, can you name any other PLM system that imposes this kind of restriction? I have worked on Enovia, Teamcenter and Agile and none of these systems impose a restriction like this.

I definitely believe Windchill is a superior solution because of its strength in architecture and in my opinion it can only maintain its superiority if it addresses the needs of all core industries that are significant. In my point of view consumer electronics is a significant industry represented by large companies that are defining in many ways a consumer's lifestyle and consumption of content.


Already using WTParts pretty much fully, and I understand the benefits well.

ConfigurableLinks would seem the logical choice to enable this for users that need it, except they do not support EPM/CAD Documents 

I recently ran across a situation where CAD was used to generate content that went into a Document and there is/was no appropriate WTPart anywhere in the structure to link to.  Workaround will need to be to create a sub-type of WTPart to act as a "placeholder".

Also consider Arbortext Content Manager which is essentially Intralink for XML, which does not have WTPart capability.  Consider also Creo Illustrate and/or ISO Draw which are Dynamic Documents.  Those users have potential use cases to justify a ConfigurableLink that supports DynamicDocument linkage to a Document that would then in it's entirety link to a WTPart in a PDMLink environment


I looked into Configurable Links, but I thought I saw in the Documentation (maybe it was the Knowledge Base) that EPMDocuments are not supported.  Did I miss something?

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