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Add Windchill Support for Multi-Value Attribute on EPMDocument

Add Windchill Support for Multi-Value Attribute on EPMDocument

Here is an example of my problem I'm trying to solve.  I have two systems defined in a Cad Assembly - Cab Structure and Dash IP(dash instrument panel).  These two systems reside in an organization assembly called cab-struct_dash-ip.asm which contains both systems(reference first picture below).  I have an attribute defined for each sub-system and it is a string with a constraint rule of "enumerated value list". (reference second picture below)   I can easily assign the one to one relationship as shown in the second image below, but I'm not finding a solution for the upper level cad object that contains both systems as shown in the second image.  I need a solution that enables both attributes to be included in the upper level assembly (reference second picture)

Picture below shows the example cad structure


Picture below shows the two sub-assemblies with attribute for PBS_Number assigned.  The top assembly needs both attributes. 


Image below shows an example of how multi value attribute can be edited according to PTC help site.  The request is to make this work with CAD objects.


We currently do not have WTParts (Parts) turned on.  The vision is to use this attribute to tie our current complex CAD structure to the new Windchill Product Stucture when we do implement.  The PBS number can be used as the center of our universe to tie many systems together...options codes, BOM groups, Part Numbers, top level cad assemblies, specs, ...etc. 


Reference the following information in regards to the areas of discussion on PTC's help and support sites.

1) In PTC Support - CS158250

2) In Windchill Help Center

    2a - Attribute Customization

    2b - Attribute Constraint Rules

    2c - Editing Attributes Having Multiple Values

    2d - Multi-Value Attribute

    2e - Enumerated Value List

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