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Add ability to "Revise and Checkout" from Commonspace

Add ability to "Revise and Checkout" from Commonspace

Nearly every time our users find a part in Commonspace and Revise it, they immediately want to check it out to make the necessary changes.  It would be nice if this was just one operation.  Currently these 2 operations are only combined if the part being modified is already in the workspace and not checked out.  (After modifying and attempting to save such a part, a dropdown menu is available allowing, among other things, "Revise and Checkout now".)  This option should also be available under the Actions menu in CommonSpace or in the Revise window itself.

Level 10

If change management process is in place, the user who must implement the change will have the object already revise for him. He just need to check it out.

Level 1

That may be true, but I'm not proposing the removal of the current option to only check out a part.  We don't have enough users to implement the PTC change management process, so for us, it makes more sense to have the same user do both.  It seems silly to me to allow the option from the workspace after the part is modified, and not from commonspace before it is modified.

Level 10


There are a few inconsistency like this in PDMLink 9 and 9.1 where in the WS you have certain options and not in the commonspace. A typical one is Set State.

If you select a WTpart in the commonspace, there is no collector in the Set State window.

If you add that same wtpart into a workspace (can be the server side workspace) and do Set State, you then have the collector to collect CAD, Documents etc....

I did not vote the idea down just commented. I will, nonetheless, not vote for it as Revise should be supported by change management. The OOTB change process works very well. It may not match your current process if you have one. If not, have a look at it. I personnally find it very straightforward and it does not required lot of people to implement.

If you have one, it is surely disconnected from your data since your data are in PDMLink and the process managed elsewhere. Have you considered to move your CM into windchill to have your process pushing your data and add certain automation to the process (for instance providing direct access to the data to the person who is reviewing the impact analysis or the change request ? )

Best regards

Level 12

Hello Chris,

even if I'm totally agry with you and the Change Management Process (notably that it should drive Revision Process and LifeCycle State change ...)

I think it can be a good idea (at least having the choice of the 2 functions)

for example in our CM case, the change control board will not add the exhaustive list of objects in the Implementation plan of a Change Notice. But only impacted assemblies after global analysis ...  And it is the CAD engineer, that will complete the Change Notice with the object he will modify in his detail design.... It is hard for us to analyse precisely before , because of the very close mechanical integration of our products ...

I'd love a "copy/paste" in the Workspace , to be able to work with 2 windows ... One with the CAD workspace, and one with  the Change Notice resulting object table... and being able to copy/paste from one to another ...



Status changed to: Current Functionality

Creo WGM and WWGM offer an action to Revise and Check Out from the CAD tool in the "Conflicts" UI and in the Windchill related menus.


In 11.1 M020, we have additionally enhanced the Revise and Check Out from CAD tool to follow Revise > Collector server-side preferences; therefore, I believe this Idea has been already implemented.

Level 18


I don't think this idea is current functionality.  The user is requesting the ability to revise and checkout, in a single step, from commonspace.  This has nothing to do with Creo or the Workgroup manager.  They want a new command in the actions menu from search results or from a folder in commonspace.

Commospace Revise.png



Ok.  Sorry for the confusion.