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Add immediately full support of Conditions on attribute constraints

Add immediately full support of Conditions on attribute constraints

In the Windchill Help there is:


Conditions are not currently reflected in the end-user user interface. Therefore, even if you set up conditions in the Type and Attribute Management utility, they have no effect on the end-user user interface. Enhancements are planned to close this gap in a future Windchill release.

There are 2 articles about it:



It is absurd: PTC implemented a functionality that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work. They suggest to do not use it and if you open cases about it they reply that it is not supported.

My conditions are working fine in the user-interface but now in 10.2 I have an error in the Structure Tab.

I created the case 12519853 and ptc created the spr 2263263 but now they are banning me because it is not supported.

I think that ptc must close the gap immediately.



Have you had any traction with PTC on this problem?

This functionality would greatly help us, and it's disappointing that this has not been implemented correctly yet.


No Zack, like all my ideas. No feedbacks.


We have a strong need for this.  This would solve cascading dropdowns and many other problems we have.


Any idea when is this getting fixed ?


Oh, I would also be interested to know when we finally can expect some more possibilites. And also Richt Text support would be really helpful!

I strongly disagree, that this feature does "sometimes work and sometimes not".

It does work.


But, yes there is an imperfection to it:

When you create an object, and set the driver attribute to value X, the value list of the driven attribute does not get filtered. However, you can not finish the creating process unless you choose a valid combination of values. So, it basically just lacks appropriate feedback for the user. This may be an issue for some puroposes. For other it is rather irrelevant. Depending on the sizes of the value lists.


Is this feature not working? NO. It works.

Is there room for improvement?  YES




Hi All,


This enhancement request is being considered for the next major release of Windchill by Product Management 

  • There is cascading attribute feature coming in Windchill 11.1 F000
  • Cascading attributes - Support in Windchill UI's (Part, Document & Change)- is being implemented in the Windchill 11.1 F000.

Once the feature is released, you can set/define a constraint on an attribute, the constraint condition will get reflected in the UI like the screenshot below:CascadedAttributes.png








Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Can someone point me to where this is in Windchill 11?  Not finding the implementation.



Cascading Attributes are supported in Windchill 11.1 F000 for Part, Document and Change Objects.You can find following video useful to understand this new feature introduced in Windchill 11.1 F000


Prior to 11.1, refer to the Adding and Editing Attribute Constraint Conditions section from Windchill 11.0 help Center to configure the conditional constraints on attribute


Refer following screenshots from Windchill 11.0 to add conditional constraints on attribute




What is taking so long?


Starting Windchill 11.1 F000 - The Cascading Attributes tab is available on the following types:

Part, Document, Change Notice, Change Request, Problem Report, Promotion Request and Variance, and their sub types


Refer Windchill help center link and watch this video to understand the usage of this cascading functionality.