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Add where-used Part as Search criteria

Add where-used Part as Search criteria

When searching for Parts & Documents, allow user to specify one or more End Items (or really, an arbitrary WTPart), that will constrain the search items in the product structure below that part.

Example user requests:

I'm looking for a water valve that I know is used in this particular refrigerator

I'm looking for a manufacturing procedure that I know is used in this defibrillator

I'm looking for a bolt that I know is used on one of these 5 cranksets.

How to achieve today:

Top-down: Run multi-level product structure report (including documents) on each End Item of interest, then do a browser search within the results window

Bottoms-up: Search for objects, then click on each likely candidate, and view its multi-level where-used

Related items:

When viewing search results, include as a "virtual" attribute the list of End Items where an item is ultimately used

Search End Items based on properties of objects in their product structure  (e.g. find all end items that reference a document whose name contains the string "Blue Ink")

Add Distribution target as a Part search criteria


I agree with the need for this. Query Builder reports can do this to some degree (1 level), but beyond that you will to rely on the custom reports.


In 11.0 you'll be able to leverage query builder report templates as part of the advanced search criteria.

I'm not very familiar with the query builder, but if it's possible to make a custom report that displays all parts used under a end item -- then you'll be able to use that as advanced search criteria.


I also think that certain types of links will be searchable.  But maybe my brain is off in fantasy land right now.  Vikram Sinha‌, can you confirm or not the ability to search links in WC 11?  Else if you can't search WTPartUsageLInk, then I think Caitlin has an excellent suggestion, if it works.  You can set up a query builder report and expose it as a search.  Then you could input your parameters and search.

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Yes (in 11.0) we now have the ability to expose a Report Template on the Advance Search page.

An administrator can create a Report Template by selecting a primary object type and then selecting its associations (including links).

An end user can select a report template from a predefined list of templates (build by administrators or advanced users)

The search query will include these predefined criteria, user needs to enter the respective values and execute this search.

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Thanks Vikram Sinha‌ and Caitlin Wheeless for the info on v11 capabilities, I think this will be very useful.

The extra thing I'm requesting in this Idea, is the ability to constrain the search looking up multiple levels of where-used.

The querybuilder capability would let us look up one level; or perhaps a fixed number of levels.

The request in this Idea is to search for an object anywhere within the full Product Structure (including Parts & Documents) of a specific End Item, at any number of levels.  (e.g. I'm looking for a manufacturing procedure that I know is used somewhere within the multi-level BOM for this defibrillator)



Hi Vikram Sinha

We will be able to expose Report Template in Advanced Search.    Great !

but what about multilevel BOM report for usage link ?  Cause need to deal with the filter criteria to navigate the xBOms (view Design, Manufacturing, Service etc .. Alternates, effectivities ...)

We need this kind of search:

find all end Idems where Component 1 is Blue and component 2 is Red.   But without knowing the level of these components in the BOMs ....



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Basically, you are searching for all parents based on the attributes of the child parts. It should be possible to build a report template for this scenario. I have not tested this exact use case, but this search should be achievable in 11.0 using the new related object search feature.

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I believe you can build a report template for this scenario in 11.0 and execute it on the advance search page (though I have not tested it, I see no reason, why it should not work)

PS: The new related object search will work ONLY if you are searching for ONE object type.


A CS article (that I can't find right now) published an XML example to create a multi-level BOM report template. However, when I imported it to the new 11.0 query builder, I got several errors. In the end, I was only able to get single-level usage links to work. BUT I also have very limited experience working with the query builder, so me not getting something to work isn't saying much....

Otherwise, maybe this is something to bring to the query builder team?  It might be an enhancement request for an OOTB report template, or even just publishing an updated example to the knowledge base after 11.0 releases. 


Vikram Sinha,

Do you think you can mark this idea as Current Functionality?


Ben - I would say its partial - we can do Where Used with related search, but currently Query Builder does not let us do a full navigation in the query.  This is an enhancement we have in the roadmap for the future.  This would enable structure reports in query builder - eg Part Structure, Where Used, CAD structure, etc.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hello - When is this (full navigation in the query) enhancement available?

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