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Advanced Assembly Editor enhancement request

Advanced Assembly Editor enhancement request

- As others Windchill java Applet, need to go to Web UI

-being able to define MBAs, IBAs columns, views and sort columns as in any Windchill table

-add a key word search like in other windchill table

-add some new actions (only add and remove component in the applet):

  •      Revise
  •      New Dowsntream View (and new branch, Alternative, usage )
  •      And notably a real "replace" action.  To be able to replace a Wtpart by another, without losing part usage link attributes (quantity, unit, line number, ref designator)

-add the import from excel action (export actio already exists)

-Support the new Windchill 10 advanced Filter ConfigSpec (notably Alternate BOMs) - cause there's only Views in the applet so impossible to modify Alternates mBOMs

  •      or as the Advanced assembly editor is "mono level". Remove config spec filter and allow to open all Views , Alternate BOMs at the same time in diffrent columns

-ability to modify any attributes or IBAs of the part usage link (today only the quantity): line number, quantity, unit, to be built (if a CAd is associated), etc ...

  •      for example, add a drop down list to allow to choose which attribute is editable in the matrix

- ability to use the Advanced assembly editor from the Change Notice mass action menu


We are planning to move ATE to HTML in the future.  When we do some of these are already part of the consideration.

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