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Allow Rename Without Allowing Edit Unique Number

Allow Rename Without Allowing Edit Unique Number

Some use cases require a wtdocument within Windchill is renamed. However, for traceability and uniqueness, the Windchill identifier should not be changed. Currenlty, we do not have this function in Windchill 9.1.

Ideally, a user should be able to rename a wtdocument, however, be restricted from editing the number of the same wtdocument given certain policy being applied/denied to/from their role in the ProjectLink or PDMLink context.

See Case #11235224, opened with PTC Technical Support on 2/7/2013.


The ACLs for Rename should be separate than Edit

Status changed to: Current Functionality
21-Topaz I

 If it is current functionality so what kind of access permission right has been added? What version of Windchill has this new functionality?

Windchill 11.0 M030 doesn't. Only Modify Security Labels was added in mentioned version. 

Thank you for answer.


If the objective is to configure the Rename action to prevent users from changing the objects number while still being able to change the name, there are a combination of preference and profile actions that can be configured to support such requirements.  The following settings shown below can be configured by the Site Administrator:


Step 1: Setting the following site level rename preference:

set numbering preference to remain unchanged.png


Step 2: Along with removing the ability to Set Identity New Number (unchecked) from an action profile assigned to a user:


set profile action to disallow changing number.png

When system is configured with this combination the rename UI behavior should appear as follows:

resulting rename UI.png

Let me know if this addresses your use case.

21-Topaz I

Hello Steve, 

Good idea. In my opinion there is easier way. Just change ACL and not allow change Number to a user. 


There is another point of issue. 


Change name is connected to ACL "Modify" and user needs this rule to all versions.

So if the object is released once, the user can not change the name anymore. 

Change name is not just about WTDocuments.

Many MPMLink users needs change name of once released MPMOperations during change process but without Modify on released object it is not possible.  

Or administrator is needed to that change. 


Have nice day.


Another use case where you don't want to change the number, but may need to perform the renaming, is when one of the objects in a Master Table has been sent to an ERP system.


In this case it may be necessary to change the name in Windchill but certainly not the number, because otherwise a different object would be created from the one sent to the ERP.


We have solved the problem by creating a new attribute that, through a customization, when modified administratively overwrites the name as well.


The log of the operation is visible in the renaming history table.



21-Topaz I

Actually I created customization that allows change name to users who has modify ACL rule on the latest iteration.

Video is attached.