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Allow an attribute value to become empty when editing attributes

Allow an attribute value to become empty when editing attributes

When editing attributes of EPMDocuments in Windchill from time to time I need to change an attribute to become empty afterwards and another attribute to have new values.

The second part is not a problem: I can enter whatever values I want according to the restrictions.

The first one doesnt work: if I delete the value of an attribute, i cannot continue:

User-added image

Windchill tells me that I cannot remove the attribute! See also CS156238.

Gues what: I do not even want to remove the attribute! There is no reason to do so, and as a user I cannot do this anyways. I Just want the value to become 'empty'.

When making the field of the attribute empty I just want that: an empty value of an attribute.

Removing an Attribute would me need to go to type&attribute management, but that is not the case here.

It would be nice if this would be possible soon.


this seems to apply to all IBAs, as also mentioned in CS179626

I have to admit that I dont understand the logic behind that behaviour.

23-Emerald IV

You can clear the value from Creo, just not from the workspace by editing attributes.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Since the bidirectional integration between CAD and WTPart this behaviour becomes more critical since the workaround via CAD is error prone. Deleting a value from the wtpart side does not wipe out the value on the CAD side and therefore the value will reappear on the next check in of the EPMDocument.

In my opinion the IBA holder needs to update all the attributes on EPM Side and could remove the value as well.

Opening the object in CAD the user gets a warning message that the attribute can not be read from EPMDoc. Maybe the message could be enhanced or the users trained to make them aware that they should also delete the value in CAD manually.

I think an automatic deletion of the value in CAD should not be introduced or should be configurable by the type manager since the current behaviour is benefitial when deleting deprecated attributes from the data model but the value in CAD should be kept

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