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Auto Numbering with Grouping

Auto Numbering with Grouping

Steelcase needs Windchill to be the source for assigning numbers to new objects (auto numbering).  However, our users would like to “group” related objects.  For example when a part 123456.prt is created on day 1 and on day 17 a drawing is created for that part, the drawing should be named 123456.drw.   However with auto numbering the drawing would receive the next number in the sequence such as 678234.  This is confusing and illogical to our users.

Similarly, with family tables, all instances should share the same “base” number with an appended 3 or 4 digit instance number.  For example a generic with 3 instances should be numbered like this: 1234546, 123456001, 123456002, 123456003.  Again, with auto numbering, each instance will receive the next number in the sequence which will produce confusing results.

I have heard this requirement from several companies but PTC does not yet have a solution.

Patrick Williams

Steelcase Inc.


I've never used it before, but can't you set up a template part to create an associated drawing automatically if the start part and drawing template are named the same thing?  What happens in that scenario with autonumbering?  Unfortunately, I don't have time or resources to test that scenario right now

23-Emerald IV


I know this is an old post, but it sounds like PTC has a solution for at least the keeping the drawing and model synchronized if using WT Parts.  See this post:

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