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Automatic deletion of existing representations when triggering new publish job

Automatic deletion of existing representations when triggering new publish job

Dear all,


Based on recent project experiences at Thyssenkrupp Inustrial Solutions, it would be really useful to get the mentioned capability OOTB, without the need of customization, and to control it through property/preference.


In a “republish at metadata change” scenario, a new publish job is triggered further to actions that do not iterate  the representable (promote, rename, move...): thus even without copy over mechanism, the object keeps the old representation until the new one is generated.


However, if the queue contains a lot of jobs, it may take long before the new representation is generated; in the meantime the old, obsolete one is still accessible. Worst, if the publish job fails, the old representation isn't flagged as out of date and there is no easy way to detect the failure when inspecting the object, nor to schedule a mass republish of the objects in this state: resubmitting failed jobs from the Job Monitor is the only solution.


The former is particularly sensitive if file synchronization is used to update CAD parameters mapped to Windchill attributes: job delay/failure may result in out-of-date information displayed in the title block (e.g. lifecycle state, approver). Think of the PDF shipped to an external provider...


Deleting the old representation immediately, at the creation of the new job, would avoid any ambiguity: the representation would then be either reliable, or missing. And catch up would also be easy, by scheduling republish of all objects without default representations.


Kind regards,

Giacomo Slavazza

PTC Principal Consultant




I agree with you. In fact, I have implemented solutions to do just what you describe.

If a new publishing job is created all the old Reps  (or at least the default Rep) gets deleted.



  Do you let me know how you implemented this in your environment?. If you can share some light on this, I can look into it

Best Regards

Prajeesh Kumar

5-Regular Member

We are seeing increasing issues with clogged and failing WVS queues ourselves and such functionality would be invaluable to Creo View users in ensuring the content they access is up to date. The OOTB Marked-Out-Of-Date and/or CarryOverRepresentations=false functionality is insufficient to set up a well-configured system.

It really seems as if this should have been OOTB functionality for Windchill for a very long time.


@d_graham I wonder if you have any detail on the implementation details for the above?



Are you referring to cleaning out log jammed publishing queues or deleting old reps?


I can help with both.

How you are triggering the publishing now?

Publishing rules?

Workflow expression?

Something else?

My code is fired from a workflow and a bulk Drawing PDF download tool but whatever the use case it will be doable.


I’ve got an idea that should be bombproof regardless of how the publishing is triggered.


Send me a message with contact info. It’s easier to communicate via email than Back and forth with community posts.