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Bring back Briefcase

Bring back Briefcase

There are often times when one needs to edit attributes of multiple unlrelated components.  There used ot be the Briefcase in Intralink 3.4 where one could add items to the Briefcase and then go to the Briefcase and multiple edit them, or add them to workspace.  Currently there is a Clipboard but the only functionality in the Clipboard is batch publishing. 

It seems PTC could either bring back the Briefcase, or add workspace/commonspace funtions to clipboard.


Another idea with no feedback from PTC....19 months old.

21-Topaz I

Now over two years.  But to be fair, only 17 people have voted on this idea.  I would assume they would either comment or pay attention to an idea only if there are a certain number of votes.


It may have a low number of votes if people don't remember or if they even knew about the briefcase.  maybe I'll remarket this as "Add functionality to the Clipboard"


Good idea Billy.  I had no idea what briefcase meant but definitely want the functionality.

I have been told that PTC is working on making a more robust connection between a WS and CS, such that stuff we can only do in CS will be able to be done in the WS.  I think they said this functionality would be in 10.2, but maybe it was the next one after 10.2.  This is only part of what you want though.  Also there are some ideas that are for allowing to change multiple objects simultaneously from search pages...which I think would also get the functionality we are looking for in your idea.

Link to one of these types of ideas:

Allow PDMLink user to do anything to multiple unrelated objects that they can to one: Rename, Delete, State Change, etc (especially from Search Page)


We are considering a similar functionality for the future.  Note today that you can add those items to search using a ; as a separator say for their Number.  You can then do multi-object actions such as Edit attributes in the search results (also set state, rename coming soon)

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