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CAD - Combine Checkin and Promote

CAD - Combine Checkin and Promote of the last gaps stil open from the Pro/Intralink to Windchill migration.

Many CAD users checkin files they have worked on for the sake of promoting them to a higher state.

It would be so easy for the users if they would have a "Checkin&Promote" icon in the Workspace that combines Upload, Checkin and startup of the Promotion wizard with the initially selected objects (only in case the upload and checkin was successfull).

Currently the users have to go to the Commonspace and locate the objects by search or browse or via the Info Page to start the promote - a time consuming stupid action. In Intalink 3.x this option was available and the users loved it. I have no glue why it was removed and why we do not ask PTC to put it back again.

My users would love it - what about you?


the pro/i feature that all users miss and there is no actual reason why not have it in windchill too.


This is a very common request from our customers who was using Pro/Ontralink in the past. The workflow today is not stramlined. The user has to first checkin, thereafter locate the new objects in commonspace to assemble them in a promote.

The scenario should be a combined command "checkin and promote" to directly add the checed in components to promotion request.




CAD Data Management: Starting a New Promotion Request During Checkin
Product:PTC Windchill PDMLink
Release: 11.0 F000
A checkbox for starting a new promotion request is available in the Check In window.
Additional Details
When enabled and upon successful checkin of the selected objects, the New Promotion Request window opens to help you complete a promotion request action as part of the checkin process. If the checkin succeeds, a new promotion request is created with all objects that were checked in treated as "initially selected" objects for the request.

Per Jennifer's comment - this is available in Windchill 11.0 F000

Status changed to: Current Functionality