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CAD assembly structure "Latest" vs "As Stored".

CAD assembly structure "Latest" vs "As Stored".

In the detailed page of a CAD document assembly structure, it is by default showing the latest configuration. In order to show how the assembly was checked in, a manual action is needed to switch from "Latest" to "As Stored". My suggestion is to add a configuration option that would set "Latest" or "As Stored" as default.


In Windchill click on Quick Links in the upper right of the window.  Select My Settings, Preferences.  Then under the Workspace section set the Add to Workspace setting to AS_STORED.



Both settings:

Set Configuration for Add to Workspace

Set Configuration for Check Out

set to "AS STORED". This does not change the default the Structure View setting for me.


Hi Marc.

I would be interested to know what others think; is this a common use case or not?

I wanted to make sure you knew about the tools that already exist to make it easier for you to go to the as-stored.   Here are a few tools to make it easier to go to the as-stored in the Structure Tab of an Assembly's Information page:

- The Filter is "sticky" meaning that next time you visit this page, it is shown at the last set filter.

- We have enabled Saved Filters, so you can easily switch between latest, latest released, as stored, etc.

- Finally, Saved Filters can be created by an admin and shared with all users, so each user doesn't need to create these.

Hopefully these tools will help. 

For those of you who think these tools are not enough, please vote for this idea.




We've got the same need than Thomas.  And not only for CAD assembly Structure , but for all structure browsers in Windchill (WTpart BOM PSE,  WTpart mBOM MPMLink MPSE and MPMLink processplan, etc ...)

being able to define "Saved Filter" (at admin levels like Site or Org, but also user level)

But it would be very usefull to define a default "Saved filter"

Cause even if the filter is "sticky" in the session .  Users always browse, close , open new sessions or new Windows that lose the filter

And depending of user profile , they do not necessery work by default with LATEST.

for Us

-CAD designers will mainly work on LATEST as they work on product enhancements

-manufacturing Engineers who build mBOMs will mainly work with a Dated effectivity Filter

-Purchase Engineers who deal with suppliers need to exchange "Released data" , so will work mainly with a LATEST + Released Lifecycle state filter

etc ...

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