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CATIA Windchill Integration new feature

CATIA Windchill Integration new feature

Could the workgroup manager handle the CATAnalysisResult files ?


Hi Mickael,

As of today, CATAnalysis files can be saved in Windchill as documents with category 'Analysis'. But the following CATAnalysis Process Document types and their link types are NOT supported by Windchill.

  • CATAnalysisResults
  • CATAnalysisComputations
  • CATAnalysisExport

In order to store CATAnalysisResults files in Windchill, you can attach these files as secondary attachment of CATAnalysis. Then these result files will be downloaded when CATAnalysis file is added to workspace (e.g. CATIA V5 CGR). In addition, you might consider autoattach capability in WGM to automate the process of adding the result file as attachment with a certain content category. You can find further information from wgmclient.ini file.

If you have a specific use case to manage CATAnalysisResult files, can you please share it?

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Hi Yoda,

Thanks for taking an interest in my question. I don't have any specific use case to manage, only a very common one. A client of mine wishes to generate an Analysis and store the results in Windchill, right now if someone other than the one who generated the Analysis tries to open the Analysis from Windchill, CATIA displays a broken link error saying it cannot find the Analysis Result.

I suggested to him to store the result on a share network drive but that still seems like plan B option.

I will definitely consider your suggestion, it might be a good alternative especially using the autoattach feature.

But just so I know, will the future releases of the WGM handle this type of file or is it definitely out of the question ?



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