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Change Dynamic Reporting Functionality

Change Dynamic Reporting Functionality

I'm going to put this out there because I'm interested to see if people agree or not. Feel free to up/downvote as you see fit.

I am suggesting PTC get rid of Cognos for a better tool for dynamic reporting, or improve the capabilities around Query builder to allow more dynamic reporting (multi-level BOM type scenarios, multiple data sources in one report, etc.) Something better integrated and easier to use. Would really like to see something an advanced end user could use to build reports without having to do anything physically on the server.

A lot of people I've talked to don't use Cognos at all except the out of the box reports. It can't just be us.

Updating Windchill builds is also a painful process.



Can you describe the types of Reports you are looking for - in general there are two broad categories we looked at.  This is a broad generalization - but it would be good to know where your needs are focused

1 - Formatted reports like the Change Notice Summary Report


2 - Tabular reports

CN graphs.png


Really I'm looking for both, but closer to the first type.

Lately we've run into a lot of hierarchical data needs. Everyone wants all the data in 1 page. Reports similar to multi-level BOM structures or a variable number of levels. Not all can be done in Query Builder. We also have no skillset in Cognos and that seems to be a trend of other companies using Windchill.

For tabulated the only problem we've had with Query Builder is where it doesn't match up to SQL capabilities, that and the scattered documentation on how to connect all the tables to get the data. Things I can create in an access database I can't create in query builder. The presentation is also frequently lacking more from a UI side than the report output.



We started with COGNOS, but we could never get it implemented and working properly. Our business forced us to use SAP's Business Objects & we have been pretty successful with that so far. Implemented about 5 months ago, so just a few reports so far.

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