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Changing versions manually

Changing versions manually

I would like to be able to change the Iteration of my files manually e.g from 2 to 5.

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If you mean revision there are a preference for it.

No I mean mean the version. Version updates each time you check in.
But sometimes I need to step up: e.g from 2 to 5.

It can be done checking in several times....

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Then you mean Iteration. Version is Revision + Iteration together.

What do you need that for?

It's shown on our drawings.

E.g. 001A1234 Rev.: 01:05

You're right about the conventions.
Every PDM system has it's own conventions.
We use PDMLink, but SAP is our PDM system

I want my part/assembly to have the same revison as the drawing.


I would not recommend tracking iteration on face of Drawing (or anywhere else for that matter).  It discourages users form a best practice of Checking In often.

Maybe consider upating your Drawing Formats to show only the Revision rather than Version (Version = Revision.Iteration)

Thank you for your opinion and concern.

This is anyway our revision system since I don't know how long.

The other remark is that it does not prevent any check in.

A rev.: 02:25 following rev.: 02:11 is quite allright.


Erik Raun Jensen,

I'm not 100% about what your use case is for this Product Idea.  Is this what you are suggesting?

  1. Check out version x.2.
  2. Make changes to the object.
  3. Check in as version x.5 - not x.3?

Currently, as you observe, an object that is checked out at version x.2 will be checked in as x.3.  But do you suggest you want the option to identify the iteration number upon check-in?  For example, you want to specify it to check in as version x.5 instead of x.3?

Exactly. due to the fact, I need  my Part/Assembly to have the same Revision x.5 when stored in SAP.

Since time immemorial we have had this system.

Also, changing the first digit means  changes to the 3D file, changing the second digit means only 2D changes.

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We give Designers the ability to up CAD objects to versions that match our WTParts or Documents.  We don't ever jump WTPart versions, because of concern that doing that will cause problems downstream in our manufacturing areas.

That way our older CAD models can match the version of the WTParts and Documents when they are associated during an ECN.  (previously they were not associated).

In any case, we don't seem to have any trouble with doing this.

I'm not familiar with WTParts.

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WTParts are just the Windchill Part object.  You probably are familiar with the little 'gear' icon.  Lots of people just refer to it as the Windchill Part.