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Clean uninstall of Windchill Integration Desktop

Clean uninstall of Windchill Integration Desktop

Dear all,

Ref my last case ticket:

When you uninstall Windchill Integration Desktop (DTI), you have to MANUALLY set back a downloading option on the Windchill server.

Note that this setting has been AUTOMATICALLY set at installation time by the Windchill Integration Desktop (DTI) installation program.

I suggest:

1) to enhance the uninstallation program in order to unset what have been set at installation

2) if 1) is not possible (?), to warn the user (popup window?) at the end of uninstallation that a manual setting is required...




Severin HATEAU‌, this is a great idea. PTC added the ability to auto-configure your download preference to DTI in 10.1, but there was no provision to restore this preference if the application is removed. This would solve a lot of end user questions about why Windchill is downloading data.wcdti files instead of the primary content.


Thanks for your support. It's exactly my purpose 🙂

Also, by saying that "ability to auto-configure your download preference to DTI" was added in 10.1", I better understand that's a side effect of this enhancement...

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Hi Severin

Could you share a transcript of the case you are mentioning above? I don't have access to your calls.




It is just about the user preference to use the DTI as default for download. As far as I remember it is in the Attachment section. The user needs to set it back to browser download otherwise he gets a data.wcdti file which the OS can not process.

There is a small workaround if you work from different computers. On you laptop for example the DTI is installed but not on your tablet. In this case you can navigate to the details page of the document, then to the content tab and finally to the content info. From there you can download the file even with preference set to DTI.

I would like to be able to download this directly from the object like in a table view. A solution could be a new action which always does a download of the file no matter how the preference is set.


@Alexander: here below the closure note snapshot, in french

@Oliver: Yes this is the case.

Thanks all.

2017-02-03 11_02_49-Case Details_ 12773310.png


This is a good idea for an enhancement.  Another aspect that has not been discussed in this thread is the required regedit to completely uninstall DTI.  In

CS125865 PTC recommends editing the registry to remove the DTI folder then repair your MS Office install:

Go to the registry (regedit) and remove the DTI folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/PTC/DesktopIntegration[OR]WindowsIntegration

From Control Panel, go to Microsoft Office > Change > Repair. This will take some time normally.

If there is a way to build these actions into the uninstall it would make this Add-in much less maintenance-heavy.

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