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Complete multiple tasks

Complete multiple tasks

When a user has to complete multiple tasks, it is interesting to allow the user to complete as many tasks as he wants, all at once.

Could be very similar to the new functionality "Multiple Set State".

Also allowing simple tasks or tasks that has routing options to be completed.


So, what your saying is that the user shouldn't actually do the tasks, just check them all off as done or approved without actually reading the individual task? This ability would jeopardize the validity of the sign-off.


‌Let's link to Complete all open tasks assigned to an user which was closed as a duplicate (for future reference)

Dan Harlan, in "normal cases" you may be right but the above mentions one imho valid possible exception for administrator use

Status changed to: Under Consideration


as use case:

1) we used to implement a "Restart" task to manage some error cases that could occurs during custom automation steps. It allows the user eventually to correct some data after analysis.

2) we can also use such a task in order to wait for the availability of some extern resources.


The benefit of the User tasks:

  • use the notification mechanism from Windchill
  • the workflows does not break on error, it uses a loop in order to enable the retry of a part of the workflow.