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Components input methods in Relex / WQS FIDES Module

Components input methods in Relex / WQS FIDES Module

Current components input process necessitates to fill-in a huge amount of data (including component category, sub-category, Pi-placement, Pi part manufacturing, component caracterictics (voltage ratio, power ratio, temperature rise, package, ....).

Import from excel spreadsheet is very conveninent as it can be used to import and update a huge amount of data at one time.

I am facing an issue : as we are using reliability prediction as a basis for engineering, we have to study many configurations of a given build of material in order to capture which design best fits reliability objectives.

Using built-in article table is nearly useless as mass modification is very limited and as not all fillable fields are available to the user.

Import with an excel spreadsheet could be more convenient but not all article fields are available for import.

If one could :

1- either preferably access to all article fields within import tool.

2- or access all article fields within article table and update them in mass.

So that we could import / update data much faster, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for the input.  A few notes:

  1. you should not enter the Pi factors.  they will be calculated for you
  2. you can input the voltage, power, etc, or use defaults
  3. you can import ALL fields from the import tool - use the Specific Data field, then Edit List to map it to the appropriate field.  For further information, please refer to help.
  4. We provide out of the box defaults, but you can customize them.
  5. You can batch modify fields using "Global Change" under the "System" dropdown list.

If you've tried these approaches before and found them unsatisfactory, I'd like to hear your input.


Many thanks for this quick answer.

Please find my comments below :

1. One should not input Pi factors, but have to input answers to questionnaire. Which is pretty much the same.

2. I know, this is what I am already using. And I am very satisfied with it.

3. I didn't know about this feature. It looks like it could help me achieving what I am trying to achieve. I need to test it.

4. Out of the box defaults are suitable for passive components such as capacitors and resistors. They are not really suitable for Integrated Circuits as most of them on a given board will differ significantly.

5. This needs filters to be defined. It looks it works well. I need to investigate this feature further. For some reasons, it seems that I cannot define filters based on category and sub-category (grayed field when defining a fliter in the article table). Is this normal behaviour ?

Many thanks for the information. I will give described feature a try and keep you informed about my feelings about them.

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