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Confirmation Banner

Confirmation Banner

In windchill 10.2 we need a way to disable or shorten the width of the confirmation banner popup. Currently we can only get the display time down to 1 second and the fade time to 1 second. This is still too much time and very annoying when it comes to using batch print. Here is the scenario: A user that prints uses the search box (upper right) to search for a drawing. The drawing shows up in the search box, user right clicks and selects batch print. In the bath print UI they then select print and close. The user then moves mouse to upper right hand search box to enter the next number....but has to wait until the confirmation banner is finished displaying fully. If there was a way to disable or shorten the width so it doesn't cover the search box that would be great.  And while your at it, make it a preference at the USER level.


Greg, can I add "make the preference available at user level" also, to your idea?  If you agree, maybe you can edit your idea to include that.  To my knowledge this is only configurable down to org level.  It doesn't really make sense to stop there.  This should be a user preference, not an org preference.

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Also the home button should never be covered by the message banner. I like to have the information so the user can switch easy to the new created object.

I think the banner should be in the middle of the screen. So it doesn't covers anything important.


Similar for copying items to clipboard: you select items, click Copy, then if you want to open the clipboard straight away, you can't as the Quick Links menu is covered by the banner.

I think that clicking on the banner should make close it, rather than having to use the tiny "X" button.


David, that's a great idea...the only change I would make would be instead of clicking to close I would like to see a function of if you move your mouse into the right side of the yellow banner that it closes need to click.

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