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Content and attachments removed for revised documents

Content and attachments removed for revised documents

When a document is revised, any content on the document comes with the revision.  This adds risk since the document does not reflect the new revision.  Currently after the user revises the document they have to go in manually and remove the content. There should be a toggle do give the user the opportunity to add or remove the content.


You have set properties for Copy forward in There are several properties so read help and decide which ones you need.


There is a preference to allow this behavior.

It enable a new action: Insert new document

Attached below you can find help guide and some screenshot

Inserting a Document

The Insert Document action allows you to create an out-of-sequence revision of an existing document while simultaneously replacing the primary content and editing certain attributes. To create an out-of-sequence revision without changing the primary content, see Revising an Object.

You can use this action to keep document versions in sync with their source. For example, if you have a document with the version A.3, and a vendor sends you an updated copy of the document that has the revision label D. Instead of replacing the content of A.3 and checking it back in as A.4, you can use the Insert Document action to replace the primary content file and check the document back in as D.1.


    This action is only available when working from a Product Image or Library Image.

    By default, this action does not appear. To enable the insert action, set the Revise ▶ Allow Override On Insert preference to Yes. For more information, see Preference Management.

    Site administrators can add a Revision field to the New Document window, allowing users to set an out-of-sequence revision label when creating documents. Once enabled, the availability of this functionality is controlled using profiles. For more information, see Enabling Set Revision While Creating a New Object.

Insert New document.PNG

Then you can search for a document to revise

Search document.PNG

When you start digit in "Search by Number" field, Windchill search for an existing document.

Pick document you want to revise and then choose next.

In the next windows you can choose whether to create a document with or without primary/second content.

At the end of this page you can select revision

Select Revision.PNG

Select Revision 2.PNG

1-Newbie is for Windchill Visualization Service. There too you may want to control the copy forward behaviour of the Creo View visualizations that are associated with the item.

Perhaps Mary meant attachments to a document?  Like a PDF Version?  I just replicated similar behaviour on EPMDocument: Revise a Creo document that has a pdf attachment, and the attachment came along for the ride to the new revision.  This is not what we would want.


Thanks Jim - I was referring to the primary content/attachments on a document such as a PDF


Hi Marco - thank you for the info - I have used Insert Document before.  The only negative thing is it makes you do extra clicks and users are against that.  Instead of just clicking Revise on a document now you have to do multiple steps  I don't see a reason for bringing over attachments when you are creating a new revision.  You always have to go in and replace it with the new data.  This only leaves room for error.


Just read more of Marco's post now, I totally agree with you.  Users would naturally select Actions > Revise and just expect it to work the way they want it to work for their company, copy forward or not.  Maybe this is another preference or an easy customization?


This is definitely an issue for us, I would love to see this resolved in a future release.

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