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Context Sub Tabs

Context Sub Tabs

With the major UI changes from Windchill 9.1 to 10.0/10.1, there were some great improvments in UI capabilities. Unfortunately, there were also a few changes that IMHO are a step back from the capabilities in 9.1.

In 9.1, each context page had sub tabs for Folders, Team, Tasks, etc. and it was easy to navigate them when necessary.

ScreenHunter_104 Jun. 10 11.41.jpg

In 10.1, to navigate from one to the other, users have to either save the locations as bookmarks in a custom tab or use the Navigater back and forth. I recommend adding configuration at top level contexts to allow users to add desired tabs. End result would look something like this:

ScreenHunter_107 Jun. 10 11.53.jpg


Jason Knighten


Oh yes please ...

AND if this is combined with one simple change to the "breadcrumb" navigation above the Actions button shown above: Change the behaviour of clicking the context name from navigation to the root-folder in the context to navigating to the Details, Folders, Teams, ... etc row of tabs configured as described above for the given context type.

In the above example the breadcrumb when you are in a sub-subfolder would typically be:

       Libraries > SPECIFICATIONS > Folders > aSubFolder > aSubSubFolder

Here clicking either of SPECIFICATIONS or Folders brings you to the root folder.

... THEN we would be one small step closer to Windchill navigation nirvana 🙂

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