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Copy & Paste Activities in Project Plan.

Copy & Paste Activities in Project Plan.


Enable Copy & Paste activities in Project Plan.

[Use case]

Repeat to make similar activities.

[Problem with current functionality]

Bad usability. Users have to repeat to make new activities, though similar activities already exist.

Cut & Paste exists since WC10.0, but Copy & Paste does not exist.



I fully support, I was going to create a similar idea but I found about yours.

I personally find PJL a very great tool to manage project but it is lacking a few functionalities to make it "perfect".

The ability to copy, paste part of the project plan is definitively lacking. Users end up exporting into MS project and importing back but it does not always work smoothly.

I hope PTC will do something soon about this. I personally find it is more important than the GANTT chart which is at the end only a mental representation. When I first used PJL about 4 years ago, I did not like the fact there was no GANTT chart. I learnt to use PJL and all the different views etc  and now I work without any problem with a GANTT chart (some of the project have about 300 activities (not huge but not small either). Not been able to copy and paste is still something I wish for.

We have developed technique but this demands very strict organisation and descipline.

For instance, when we know the project plan (before it is created in PJL) and there are similar summary activities and children activities we first create all the summary activities (that is we open the Create Summary Activity windows) and we click on Apply to remain in that window to create the next one.

Once all the summary activities have been created, I open Create Child Activity for the first Summary activity and the click apply. Then I create the Child Activity of the 2nd summary activity, As this activity is very similar to the one I just created, I just need to change the position and maybe the dates or a few little things. Once all the 1st activities of each summary activity have been created. I create the 2nd activity of the 1st summary activity, then click apply to stay in the Create Child activity window to create the 2nd activity of the 2nd summary activity etc....

We find it the quickest way to create project plan but this required to know from the beginning the structure of the project plan. Which may change in the future and therefore Copy & Paste is still needed.

What are your personal experience with creating project plan ?

Best regards


Great idea! This would be a welcome capability for Windchill Planning and would greatly simplify the creation of new plan items.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Current Functionality