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Create Additional WorkItem Components

Create Additional WorkItem Components

PDMLink 10.2.

Create a simple Open Tasks component.

Create a simple Completed Tasks component.

The components that are available OOTB are "too complicated" for our users.  Personally, I prefer seeing the open and completed tasks in one table/component, but our users don't.


Matthew - can you add some background on your user's challenges and how they are trying to organize their work?  It would help to open up solutions and other ideas on this topic.  Thanks.


Before posting this, I took a look at WorkflowDataUtility for "workComments" and it does pull the comment the way we want.  I'll edit the Idea to remove my mention of the WfVotingEventAudit and WfActivity classes.  I was confused there, probably thinking about an old table or maybe a customization.

As for the request for separate Open Tasks and Completed Tasks components/tables, it's just what our users prefer.  They like them in separate tables.  The users we have shown the OOTB 10.2 Tasks for Change Process component don't like the tree layout and that it does not display comments.  Personally, I don't like that the Routing/Process History component actually displays (requires) three separate tables - Routing/Process History, Process Status, and Task History.  User A might want to see the list of related WfProcesses as well as the list of WorkItems, but User B might not care about the related WfProcess objects, which just makes the extra table clutter that he has to scroll past to get to what he needs.

The "grouped" table components are nice to have and may be convenient at times, but I would prefer to also have the ability to add more targeted tables/data without having to write the customizations (java classes, configuration, etc) myself.


Jeffrey Zemsky,

Matthew Knight‌'s comments about the Tasks for Change Process table remind me of my idea: Add "Vote" and "Comments" to Tasks for Change Process table view.

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