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Create a calculated link between family table instances and drawing attached to generic

Create a calculated link between family table instances and drawing attached to generic

There should be a form of calculated link between a family table instance of a CAD model to a drawing featuring the generic.

The link could be an identical calcuated link or a "famly calculated link".

The issue comes when using wtparts for instances there is no clear documentaiton of any existing drawings relating to that instance.

The end user has to know that they have to map up to the generic and then to the drawing.

If they don't know it's a family table they may not know how to find the related information.

With this link there would be clear documentation to the drawing that defines that instance within the instance information.

Currently the only alternative I'm aware of is manually adding each part to the drawing.

In our case we also don't allow drawings to have models not shown, so we would also have to create a view and hide it.

For large family tables this becomes a problem. Another alternative, If the Windchill Part was seen as the source of truth, the drawing could be directly associated manually to each Windchill Part.


The work around is just another step of things for the engineer/draftsman to do.  When management is wanting things quicker, some things get missed.  Not the ideal when the system knows the relationships.

This would be really useful for companies that use Windchill to communicate to the shop floor.  The people in manufacturing who are looking at a part structure and open a wtPart of an instance would be able to get to the drawing easily.  This has been a problem here when the shop floor is looking at a part and cannot see the drawing in the Related Objects tab.  Then they call engineering and we have to find it for them.

The only question to ask would be if there are any cases when someone might have family tables but have a seperate drawing for each instance.  Then I could see this not working for them.  In that case a preference to set if you want to have that function on or off.


I had thought about that too, Sometimes we have someone put a different model on a drawing and then that model has 2 calculated documents that tag along. I'm thinking about a second idea to be able to disable calculated associations upon request, the same as you would remove a standard one in 10.1.


Windchill Part IS THE SOURCE OF TRUTH   😉   as it is the central object in Windchill data model   (effectivity manageable etc, etc... etc ... ....) ... it is not intralink anymore

use explicit "content" link is the most reliable way... avoid all unwanted behaviours like multi model drawings ... shared and reused  3D models ... uncomplete as stored baselines,  and other history issues when revisings WTPart , 3D and drawings alone ....

Windchill is a Part(Product) centric Enterprise system.  not a CAD vaulting...

Anyway  I have created an idea to have a CAD parameter , in order to diable calculated link on request ....  but does not work in all of our use cases ...  notably when manufacturing use the same 3D model as engineering department

we prefer create our own customizes "associate drawings" action.  on the right mouse click in the WTPart PSB

-which propose all related drawings from  the 3D owner CAD Doc of your WTPart

-and propose also generic drawing if 3D owner is a FT instance (as describe in above idea)

-pre select drawing to add as content link , by a configurable "selector" preference (in our case 3D number = Drawing number + postfix)

-and for each a drop down list (add , remove , keep) depending if already linked or not , or the selector.




That is issue is even more critical when using PTC Navigate.

There is no way to retrieve the drawing using the WTPart number linked to an instance.

Indeed, adding hundreds of views in the drawing to get the links created is a nonsense.


The preference that enables to explicit link creation "Create Content Links for Drawings" could be improved to handle the creation of those links.

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