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Create a report showing what roles/groups/tasks are assigned a specific user

Create a report showing what roles/groups/tasks are assigned a specific user

Right now there is no easy way (only by customization) to identify where the user is currently located.  This way, we know what teams need to be updated with a replaced user.


     - User A is located in Product "Bicycle", creator of Part "Wheel", and Review member task on CN "New Tire Specs".


I have a suggestion for another requirement for this product idea:

  • The report manager will have a report that lists all groups, let's call it 'Groups Report'
  • 'Groups Report' will list all members of each group. Example:
Group NameSite Level? (Yes/ No)Org Level? (Yes/No)User
XYZ TeamYesNoMario Speedwagon
XYZ TeamYesNoPetey Cruiser
XYZ TeamYesNoAnna Sthesia
XYZ TeamYesNoPaul Molive
XYZ TeamYesNoAnna Mull
XYZ TeamYesNoGail Forcewind
XYZ TeamYesNoPaige Turner
XYZ TeamYesNoBob Frapples
Team 1NoYesShonda Leer
Team 1NoYesBrock Lee
Team 1NoYesMaya Didas
Team 1NoYesRick O'Shea
Team 1NoYesPete Sariya
Team 1NoYesMonty Carlo
Skunk WorksYesNoHal Appeno
Skunk WorksYesNoOtto Matic
Skunk WorksYesNoMoe Fugga
Skunk WorksYesNoGraham Cracker
Skunk WorksYesNoTom Foolery
Skunk WorksYesNoAl Dente
Skunk WorksYesNoBud Wiser
Skunk WorksYesNoPolly Tech
Skunk WorksYesNoHolly Graham
Skunk WorksYesNoFrank N. Stein
  • The report manager will have a report that lists Contexts, Roles, groups, and users in the following manner:
Product ACIBProgram 1 CIB TeamCharlie Brown
Product ACIBProgram 1 CIB TeamBob Smith
Product ACIBProgram 1 CIB TeamSuzan Wright
Product ACIBProgram 1 CIB Teametc.. All users in this group
Product ACRBProgram 1 CRB TeamFrank Review
Product ACRBProgram 1 CRB TeamTom Hankel
Product ACRBProgram 1 CRB TeamRebecca Entwistle
Product ADesignerSr Team DesignersKatharine Heigel
Product ADesignerSr Team DesignersPaula Thomas
Product ADesignerSr Team DesignersJohn Henry
Product ADesignerSr Team DesignersLisa Mac
etc encompassing … all roles in Product A
Product BCIBProgram 1 CIB TeamBob Smith
Product BCIBProgram 1 CIB TeamSuzan Wright
Product BCIBProgram 1 CIB TeamLinus Blant

That sounds like a good way to look at it.  And if this report can export to CSV, we can do pivot tables and filtering.


That looks like my post, but it's marked ptc-4494955.... weird.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Any way to achieve this need in OOTB Feature


This will be one of the useful report, if any one develop. Please let me know.

It is really outrageous that PTC has not provided this already. This is basic information. PTC, quit dragging your feet and get-er-done.

This really would be great to have as an OOTB report. 


This will be a very useful report..

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so many votes yet no news on the report 😞 


I would like to have also this report in the OOTB


So what is the customization that is required? Has anyone figured it out?


If you need a Groups report you can add the following to Windchill/conf/queryBuilderMethods.xml:

<method class="" name="isMember"/>


Then create a new report:

  1. Tables: Principal and Group
  2. Select: Principal, Group, and Java Method>isMember [input: Group, Principal]


That will generate a report cross joining all principals and groups plus a boolean indicating if the principal is in the group. From there you can constrain it to what you are specifically interested in. It might not be very performant for large queries.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<qml bypassAccessControl="false" caseInsensitive="true" addTimeToDateFields="false" mainType="Group (" joinModel="false" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="qml.xsd" xmlns:xsi="">
        <selectOrConstrain distinct="false" group="false">
            <reportAttribute heading="Principal" reportAttributeId="Principal" userCanSelect="true" userCanConstrain="false" alwaysSelect="false" defaultValue="" constantValue="" isMacro="false">
                <object alias="Principal" propertyName=""/>
            <reportAttribute heading="Group (" reportAttributeId="Group_wt_org_WTGroup_" userCanSelect="true" userCanConstrain="false" alwaysSelect="false" defaultValue="" constantValue="" isMacro="false">
                <object alias="Group (" propertyName=""/>
            <reportAttribute heading="isMember" reportAttributeId="isMember" userCanSelect="true" userCanConstrain="true" alwaysSelect="false" defaultValue="" constantValue="" isMacro="false">
                <script className="" name="isMember" type="">
                    <object alias="Group (" propertyName=""/>
                    <object alias="Principal" propertyName=""/>
            <table alias="Principal" isExternal="false" xposition="0px" yposition="40px"></table>
            <table alias="Group (" isExternal="false" xposition="0" yposition="80"></table>



Why can't we have OOTB report like this one?

This is the only way for ITAR restriction to control that a user could or could not access to information.


I presume that this should become more feasible now that groups no longer are stored in LDAP but in the database instead. There's still the issue of nested groups and roles in contexts, but I think that this should be a much lower hanging fruit than it was before. Have my upvote. I hope that we'll see this one sooner rather than later.


Thank you for the upvote. Our vendor was able to make some custom code to run from the Windchill shell that would ‘untangle” the relationships and provide a cvs file of the relationships. This file is then easily manipulated in excel to report the relationships. Not real time but good enough to audit the system efficiently.