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Create an unique attribute value

Create an unique attribute value

I would be able to set a created attribute of a document with an unique value.

For example: if attribute of a WTDocument called ATT_NEW is having ‘12345’ value, if someone tries to create another WTDocument with attribute ATT_NEW with same value as ‘12345’, it will shows an error.

I went throught Windchill documentation for the issue and I found this functionality is not available OOTB.



An example might be vendor document number vs internal document number.  If you put your own number on all documents within your system, this would prevent other users from putting in a second copy of the vendor documentation/User Manual, etc.

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The uniquneness of IBA's coudl be very useful for ERP numbers that are use for integration with others systems.


Petr this is when the mapping is not properly

Parameters should be mapped correctly

Eg  WTpartnumber = Material/Item/Part  number in ERP

If not, this is adding extra complexity for the future and here we are……  Request to create a OOTB functionality for a problem which should not have existed in the first place if basic data management rules were applied.

Unfortunately, It is quite common for some implementor to jump on short cuts and create

WTpart number not related to ERP number

Create soft type for WTpart to match ERP number……

Even Pro  are doing this.

I was once at a presentation of a company promoting their tool to integrate Windchill and SAP and this is what they were showing.  They were not linking Windchill system attributes with SAP and they instead create softtype attributes.  I was not impressed with this but the presentation was about the data transfer……

I therefore disagree for PTC to spend time to convert a customisation into a OOTB functionality but this is their call


I can see some use for this in the pure "Document" numbering example given, but most folks would probably see this as a way to store information that should be on a WTPart. Additionally the way attributes, versions etc are architected in Windchill this would be difficult to implement. I would rather the development resources went somewhere else.

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Although I agree with ChrisCenac on this, I feel there is still some value in this request.


Yes many implementers take short cuts and make IBA's for things that should be the actual WTPart number but for customers who figure this out 5 years into their implementation it is too much of a task to reconfigure and reload everything they've done in Windchill for the last 5 years.


Giving administrators the option to do this in case of the above scenario would help us as telling our companies "we can't do this because of the way Windchill was implemented" just never feels right.


This is a good idea. SolidWorks PDM has this available OOTB, I was really surprised to find that Windchill doesn't have it. 

The use case we were looking at was on using Part Instances. We have Part Instances that would have both a unique Serial Number and a unique Asset Tag. Windchill doesn't allow setting a constraint on the Asset Tag variable we added, so the system won't stop duplicates from being entered accidentally. 


This idea is very useful, Pls add this function.


This is much needed, dealing with external parties, such engineering contractors, which have their own development process and numbering, or customers whch requires to have their own internal numbering in the documents we are producing for them.


I have a use case for a huge project where we are in a consortium with the NAVY of a country, in the end of the contract we have to provide all the engineering documents created by us WITH THEIR UNIQUE NUMBER as an attribute, as their numbering doesnt adhere to our development process, we cannot use it as the main number.

I will have to map every way the number is inserted/edited with listeners and other customizations to make sure this number doesnt repeat, it's really depressing this is not OOTB.


Please add this functionality.

It is very useful in many real business cases.



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This should be OOTB to prevent customization IMO