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Create more publishing job type and job sources

Create more publishing job type and job sources

For publishing there are 13 publishing job types and 4 job sources, I think it would be beneficial if there were more of these that can be used to help further control priorities.

The different types of publish job are
     0 - default/unknown type
     1 - publish of CAD data from an EPMDocument
     2 - publish of a file from a WTDocument
     3 - publish of a WTPart structure
     4 - publish of an EPMDocument from client side viewables
     5 - create representation from a local CAD file
     6 - create representation from a local WTDocument (ie OTHER) file
     7 - create representation from preconverted local data
     8 - create representation from the visualization collection
     9 - create representation from loader using ticket file (not used in this context)
    10 - publish job to perform only mark out of date for an EPMDocument
    11 - publish job to perform work package file sync for an EPMDocument
    12 - publish of a type based object
    13 - publish of a type based object with structure
The different sources are
     0 - default/unknown/any source
     1 - manual publish from the UI
     2 - event initiated publishing, eg from a WGM on checkin
     3 - publishing from a schedule publish job

Some example types:

  • Republish of EPMDocument
  • Republish of WTDocument
  • Republish of WTPart Structure

Some example sources:

  • State change
  • State change - maturity state
  • Workflow initiated

For some back story, we have an issue where a lot of files were recently checked in. These go into our low priority queue by default. We also have a line of releases that have state changes on the drawings and documents that also go through the low priority queue because they fall into the same source, Event initiated. It would be nice if event initiated was further refined to help prioritize the events more effectively.

This can probably be done with filters, or custom methods, but not all events are created equal it would be beneficial to have this capability.


Feel free to add your wish list below.

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