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Creo Parametric should get the same set of Windchill Parameters as other CAD applications via WGM

Creo Parametric should get the same set of Windchill Parameters as other CAD applications via WGM

Current Behaviour:

The Download Service can create CAD Parameters and fill them with system attribute values from the CAD Document or associated WTPart.

When using the WGM (for 3rd Party CAD applications), there is a set of parameters that can be configured via the Preference Manager for each CAD Application seperately - except for Creo Parametric.

This means, that for WGM managed CAD Applications, there is a larger set of parameters that can be downloaded to the CAD file.

Proposed behaviour:

It would be very good if all the parameters which can automatically be pushed via WGM to CAD Applications could also be pushed to Creo Parametric via a simple configuration.

This would be extremely helpful for the following parameters:

Ideally, the full set of parameters listed under the "Workgoup Manager Client / Mapping System Attributes and File Properties" should be provided also for usage in Creo Parametric


I fully agree that this is a common requirement and there shouldn't be any difference between 3rd Party CAD and Creo WGM.

Alternate and even more powerful and flexible approach would be to support of ALIAS Attributes! Today by customizing the download delegate we do quite the same hardcoded. By supporting alias attributes the download service should pick them up as any other IBA/MBA without any coding. With this you can fulfill almost every requirement like providing ECN Number, Approver, Releaser, etc to CAD Drawings. The only challenge is defining the alias itself but this is less effort than the coding. I will create another idea for some tool support to create these aliases. I think of something like a deviation of the report manager


Agree! Also, the Note of a Promotion Request and/or the Note of a Checkin-Action should be a PTC_WM_CHECKIN_NOTE, PTC_WM_PROMOTION_NOTE Parameter, to place it on a Drawing as a Change-Note.


Please add the possibility to configure the values: e.g. the username, alternative, fullname etc. or for a WTPart: number-name

Please also have a look at the discussion:



I posted a very similar Idea in April 2012, but the Ideas URL links keep getting broken or marked as not available... - so I put this one in manually (as the HTML editior just stopped working too...)

23-Emerald IV

If you haven't already voted for this, please do!  Even the Creo documentation indicates this is supposed to work.

Using PTC Creo Parametric with PTC Windchill (10.2 M020 - p.225 and p.235)

  • The Workgroup Manager Client preference category includes many preferences that apply to client settings for Creo Parametric, in addition to the Windchill Workgroup Manager.
  • The following sections describe the preferences for the subcategories under the Workgroup Manager Client category of particular interest to Creo Parametric users.
  • CAD Document Number System Attribute  PTC_WM_NUMBER (default)  Identifies the name of the property in the CAD tool that shows the CAD document's Number. The value may be set to a CAD system attribute. The default value is PTC_WM_NUMBER.

(emphasis mine)

No one should have to create a customization just to allow Creo Parametric access to the same system attributes already available in AutoCAD, Creo Elements/Direct and Catia.

Please vote!



please also vote for

enhance Watermarks in Creo View

the goal is to be able to totally "remove" parameters in CAD (so no need to republish Viz)

by having a full "part centric" Viz and print capability

And for example stop to manage drawing block with "classic PLM informations" like part number, BOM , revision or lifecycle state (or company logo, etc ...).  But beeing able to watermark it dynamically when visualizing , printing or exporting from the PLM system

we have already done that by customization and it's a huge time saving method for CAD designers.   They only create a drawing with "geometric and tolerance" information. Published just one time on checkin ....


Not sure why this even requires a vote.  This is such an obvious capability that should have been available years ago.  There is absolutely no reason why these parameters should not be pushed to the CAD model, especially Creo and especially since it is already available for 3rd party CAD applications.  Somebody is out of touch on this one.

Status changed to: Under Consideration

I agree this should be part of the out of the box functionality. PTC does provide a workaround in CS18803. However, this requires a customization. We avoid customization when possible as they are often forgotten due to admin changes. If the customization is as easy as shown in the PTC article, it should be simple to include in default code so it isn't overwritten as we have seen with other customizations.



This is currently under implementation for Creo 6.0 with 11.1 M020.


The current plan is:

  • The existing server-side preferences under Workgroup Manager Client > Mapping System Attributes and File Properties will now support Creo.
  • The out of the box default for the values propagated into Creo will be the same as the other WGMs; but you may change the value by setting it differently for Creo.

When the two products are officially released, I'll send out a link to the documentation.



23-Emerald IV

Yay!  Thank you @JenniferPierron!!!

Status changed to: Implementation In Progress
23-Emerald IV
@SteveShaw  wrote:

Yay!!!!  Thank you!!!

Status changed to: Delivered

Available with Creo 6 and compatible versions of Windchill (see compatibility matrix for details)


That's cool! We are running CREO and WIndchill 11.2.0 but it doesn't seem to be able to pull into drawings?


just using &PTC_WM_NAME


@ChiselnMallet1 if this is not working for you I would suggest that you log a call with PTC support to troubleshoot.