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Creo View Positioning Assembly - Allow 3D Thumbnails

Creo View Positioning Assembly - Allow 3D Thumbnails

A customer of mine is really interested in publishing it´s caddocs via Positioning Assembly.

Therefore he asked if there is a way to create dynamic 3D thumbnails as well.

PTC Case

tells that it is not part of Creo View Adapter functionality and someone should open a product idea on this topic.

My name is someone of house brosig and I´m requesting this functionality. Vote if you wanna make PTC great again. jk


I'd like to be able to configure windchill like you say ..

too much discussion about "as stored" rep ,and why it is not always up to date ...

I am Thinking about let the Creo adapter works as today and generate an "as stored" 3D thumbnails,   but customize the URl link behind the thumbnails to open the dynamic Structure in CreoView

but it is just a workaround.   your solution is better , notably for publishing performances ....


The only drawback is performance

I think an static preview as latest config would be fine

Then the user gets at least a warning that the assy is not up to date anymore if lower level has changed

During release we create baseline representations which are frozen

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