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Creo vs Windchill (Number+Name+Filename)

Creo vs Windchill (Number+Name+Filename)


everytime when creating a new CAD in Creo there are only "Name" and "Common name" inputs. This is confusing for a lots of designers in our company because Windchill using attributes like "Number", "Name" and "Filename". Creo sending "Name" as "Filename" into Windchill, then "Common name" as "Name" and "Number" in WCH is the same like "Filename". We also have to extract attribute "Number" for a following use from filename via relation. Everything it is so complicated because Creo is unable to create proper attributes applicable in WCH...

I suggest to add these 3 attributes in Creo dialog for every new CAD because would be easy to share them to Windchill exactly as they were created in Creo. This can be also useful even for non-windchill users in a case of future data management implementation.



Please also have a look at this idea CAD Identity Synchronization for Name, Number and Filename‌ and the comments there.


In Creo 5.0 Name has been changed to File name

Common name is retained so that we do not confuse users especially those who do not use Windchill  

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Any chance you can add number for those who are on Windchill?  I'm sure it would be simple enough to make it only appear when registered with a server.

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