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Customize Approve Promotion Request

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Customize Approve Promotion Request

Request a second complete/finish button at the top of the form.

Or requesting a way to customize the current form layout.


Current Windchill PDMLink 11.1

23-Emerald II

It can be customized. Search the knowledge base and you can find some articles explaining the procedure. I found them a month ago, but don't have them handy to post the numbers.

We have 3 Windchill installations and the original one, which I cannot pull files from, has the approval page customized. I did not set that one up, either. It was done by a consultant before I started here 10 years ago in Windchill 8 or maybe 9. We are now on Windchill 11.0 and looking at going to 11.2 later this year and 12.1 next year.


PTC should make all workflow tasks have buttons at the top or bottom of the screen (or maybe floating buttons that are always visible). I've often add workflow task instructions like 'scroll to bottom of page' because the default layouts are so poor / unintuitive with the buttons hidden off the bottom of the screen.


To customize the Windchill menus, you can create/edit Task Form Templates - Org/Site/Product>Templates>Task Form Templates.

  • I suggest opening the related workflow(s) and find the current 'Template Name' on the Activity Tab used by the various tasks and then make a copy of that Task Form so you don't have to start from scratch. 'Native' Windchill templates worked well for me.
  • If you created a new Task Form Template, go into each task in the desired workflow(s) as pick the new 'Template Name' on the Activity Tab.

Make sure you do this in a test Windchill system first so you can experiment and refine. I suggest working on a copy of the out of the box workflows, templates, etc. rather than modifying the Windchill out of the box objects. This allows you to always reference or switch back to the out of the box objects. I usually name the copies something like "Company Name - Original Object Name" so all custom objects will be sorted together, easy to identify the custom objects, what they were copied from, etc.

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