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DTI should have offline capailities

DTI should have offline capailities

Meanwhile the desktop integration is doing a pretty good job. It even recognizes files which are stored in Windchill and can iterate on these downloaded files.

However as soon people start to travel a lot it becomes painful.

1. Downloading folder structure for offline use

  • using export and unzip file is a workaround and less a feature
  • better RMB within the explorer integration and mark for offline which will download the files in the cache directory
  • the benefit is that the complete or only parts of a folder structure can be duplicated to disk

2. Modifications of unplanned changes during travel

  • Best practice is to mark all files which will be changed on travel by "Check Out"
  • But there are often minor updates which might not be forseen which you want to synch later on
  • best approach would be to show an + within the eplorer integration if the timestamp & size on disk is differs to the content on the server

3. Version Information after checkin does not get updated

  • if you have downloaded A.1 from the server, modified it and checked it back in the server version gets A.2
  • unfortunately the meta data on the local disk is still A.1 even it has the new content
  • after successful check in the meta data should update automatically to A.2
  • otherwise you will face always the conflict that server version is newer than local one on next check out
  • Is is not practical to first download again from server to synch this and it is anoying to validate that this is just the next iteration and therefore safe to proceed

I just always have the problem with the user that they don't understand the difference between the integrated Windchill Folder in the explorer and the cache directory locally. This makes it sometimes very hard.

I would like to see a function like Sharepoint (one drive for business) or DropBox or iCloud or...

This would make it a lot easier for the users because they already know this kind of synchronisation.

And yes, offline would be very helpful.

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