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Date variables in a workflow should render with date picker

Date variables in a workflow should render with date picker

it is common that in workflows some dates are gathered.

workflow and workitem support these attribute types but the UI does not take them into account.

otherwise data validation needs to be made in the transition

for a date field for example it would be best to render the date picker.


And also, with the valid format depending to the current user language or browser


I completely agree. It is absurd that users are asked to enter a Date variable in a text field.

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Agree. We should get that date picker...




Actually we have problem with dates on the workflow task where the users enter a bad date due to a difference between the locale format.


I've look in the code and it's not possible to extend/customize the class CustomVariablesDataUtility which define the Date variable as a text field on the workitem task.



I still don't get why we are still not able to modify the class CustomVariablesDataUtility! Sometimes it's necessary also to add some validator for a Workflow Variable. If it's a string it always shows a textbox with multiple lines...

This would be just be a temporary solution, but it would help a lot.

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I also agree. This is a kind of blame for this tool not to support a suitable date format (date picker) within tasks.

It is hard to explain such a gap to the customers... Smiley Frustrated


Hi all,

I know thois is a couple of years old but this article says that this is not Windchill functionality 


So what I do is change the display name to include the format of the date.


At least this way the user has some indication of what they have done wrong should they put in a date in an incorrect format. It doesn't cover invalid dates such as 30th of February but it goes someway to helping the user.


It would be nice if you could check a box on date variables to say that you want a picker or not. But alas, we may be waiting a long tme for that functionality.



Three years without any reaction... "good" job. What means "Acknowledged" here?

What makes it so difficult to provide such a function?

In the creation dialogs, the date picker is supplied for date attributes.


Sure, we all do that ugly displaying / checking in the tasks / transitions, but as I stated before:
I cannot explain this lack of functionality to my customers seriously!


A little hope remains, as the referenced article says: Applies for Windchill PDMLink 9.1 to 10.2


Still not amused