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Deletion of CNs versus Change Tasks

Deletion of CNs versus Change Tasks

CNs are being deleted accidently because individuals are using the Actions button (on the CN) instead of right-clicking and choosing Delete. 

We've had multiple cases where a CN was nearly finished for submittal, but had 2 Change Tasks in the Implementation Plan, one blank and one containing the required information.  In an effort to remove the blank Change Task, the undesired change task was checked/selected using the checkbox, then the individual moused to the Action button.  From that pulldown, "Delete" was selected to presumably remove the checked/selected incorrect change task item. 

Instead, this action deleted the entire CN, without any warning, and the document was not recoverable. 

— How it appears you should delete an Implementation Plan's Change Task:  Select the Change Task >> Select Action up at the top (with Change Task selected), >> Then from the Action menu select "Delete."  The warning is not clear that you are deleting the whole change object.

— What is supposed to be done:  Select the Change Task >> Right Click >> Select "Delete"

ISSUE: Depending on where the CN is in the workflow, the CN is deleted but the objects are in the middle of being processed.  This causes a problem, not only did you lose all the CN data and signatures but now you have to try and recreate it and address the issue of the Resulting Objects being at the wrong state.

• Suggestion: 

1) Add an Action button on the Implementation Plan table

2) Give a warning as to what you are deleting.  Such as "Are you certain you want to delete CN###### object." (Basically, have the system tell you what you are deleting.)

     Be consistent throughout Windchill.  Sometimes you use the pull-down for options, sometimes you use right-click.



I'm with you. At the mean time I would suggest do take the users delete right away at least for the Change Notice. So he still can delete tasks but not the CN anymore.


An Action button for the implementation plan would also solve my issue.

We have defined a "default" implementation plan with 40 tasks. But not all tasks are needed for an ECN. Therefore the Users have sometimes to delete about 10-20 tasks which is very annoying as they have to do it one by one. So multi selection and delete via. Actions task would be very useful!


In My opinion,If want to delete particular task in the CN, than Go to  CN's >edit> select respective Task> Rhclick >Delet>finish. It will delete only particular task in the CN not complete CN.

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