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Display object icons when setting effectivity

Display object icons when setting effectivity

When setting effectivity, there is no indication as to what the objects are in the table.  So, it isn't clear when docs are added accidently.  When you try to set context, you get an error (which is not very informative).  If you have a large number of parts to add effectivity, you will have to weed through them to find and remove the document(s) before continuing on.  Suggest to display the object icons as the default.

vs having the following



stupid question. Can't you configure the Set Effectivity table to show the appropriate column ?


Hi Chris

We can customize our system to add it and we would managed an ootb file from then on since its a very minor fix, but I'd like for PTC to add it so that we can pull out our change once it is in the core. We really need consistency throughout the tool.


The following text in red is the fix for this




Modify the jca table section


<jca:describeTable var="tdesc" id="effectivity.setEffectivity.table" mode="CREATE" label="${title}" >
<jca:describeColumn id="statusFamily_EffStatus" sortable="true"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="type_icon" targetObject="changeableReference.object"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="number" mode="VIEW" sortable="true" targetObject="changeableReference.object"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="orgid" mode="VIEW" sortable="true" targetObject="changeableReference.object"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="version" sortable="true" targetObject="changeableReference.object"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="name" mode="VIEW" sortable="true" targetObject="changeableReference.object"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="effPropagateAction" sortable="true" />
<jca:describeColumn id="effViewByVersionAction" sortable="true" defaultSort="true"/> <%-- QCD 5487: Changed this column to be default sort rather than effProductNumber --%>
<jca:describeColumn id="effContext" label="${contextColName}" sortable="true"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="effLevel" label="${levelColName}" sortable="true"/> <%-- CUSTOM RTN ADDED COLUMN "Effectivity Level" --%>
<jca:describeColumn id="effType" label="*${typeColName}" sortable="true"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="effQualifier" label="${qualifierColName}" sortable="true"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="range" label="*${valueColName}" sortable="true"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="effPropagationValue" label="${propagationColName}" sortable="true"/>
<jca:describeColumn id="effGroupStringValue">
<jca:setComponentProperty key="dataStoreOnly" value="true"/>




That will really help when we do copy paste of effectivities and is still missing in 11.0 😞


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